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Your company is unique in its activities, structure, exposures but also in its level of awareness of risk management and maturity in risk transfer. We believe each solution for our clients has to be tailored based on these unique criteria in order to improve the efficiency insurance programs.

Conception stage will include:
  • Understanding your activities, exposures and insurance needs (assets, liabilities, risk transfer levels…)
  • Gathering & collating the necessary underwriting information and performing a risk Gaps analysis
  • Designing an optimized insurance program based on insurable risks, appropriate covers and risk transfer levels.
Being a major a global broker, we work with a very wide number of insurance and reinsurance companies and we have an excellent understanding of the insurance market trends and capacities. We will address the most appropriate insurance markets in order to transfer your risks. Also, we constantly challenge the insurance market to create tailor made solution for our clients or to respond to emerging risk new challenges.

Program placement will include:
  • Defining a market strategy that will be subject to your approval
  • Preparing brokerage slips that will reflect the risks and required insurance programs and submitting the slips to the insurers and/or reinsurers
  • Market negotiation
  • Presentation of technical and commercial offers
  • Confirming issuance of the policies with your approval
Your appointed client advocate will make sure your insurance policies are properly administrated and your insurance programs are well understood within your organization.

Program management includes:
  • Delivery of original policies, endorsements or certificates as required.
  • Management support and guidelines to operators
  • Efficient program administration (endorsements, premiums...)'

    Also, in an evolving world, your current situation will not be definite. Indeed your business might face different opportunities or challenges that will alter during a policy year your risk profile.

    Your client advocate will help you:
  • By adjusting your insurance programs so that they stay in phase with your risk exposures.
  • By monitoring the legal environment and changes in local legislation
Claims management and claims settlement are two important aspects of our services. We believe that claim management is our main differentiator in the market that puts us at the forefront of the industry. Our experienced team continually develops the best practices to solve complex claim. We also maintain strong relation with different loss adjuster and expert from UAE, London and all over the world to assist our client in any industry.

How do we achieve so?
  • By delivering guide line on claim procedures to our client
  • Ensure the prompt and accurate declaration of claim
  • Active involvement in claim discussion with insurer, loss adjuster
  • Capitalize on Loss experience
Risk management is the process of identifying, assessing and controlling threats to an organization's capital and earnings. In a challenging world where uncertainty became the rules, the mitigation of the threats that might impact your business is relevant in order to sustain your activity.

Thanks to its extensive risk management experience, Willis Tower Watson teams will Identify, analyze and prevent specific risks linked to your activities:
  • In assisting you in controlling risk and insurance related costs
  • By creating with you loss prevention strategy and control
  • By delivering Risk mapping solutions
  • Through a consolidated reporting and analysis of feedback
Since its establishment in 1912, the desire to innovate has constantly supported and stimulated the growth of Gras Savoye. It has allowed our group to grow from a simple intermediary, a historical foundation of the brokerage business, to global risk management, guaranteeing clients the most suitable protection of their tangible and intangible assets.

This has allowed Gras Savoye to build a powerful regional and international network, with around 30 offices in France, 5 offices or subsidiaries overseas and 43 offices abroad. Gras Savoye also works with its partners in their international network over 120 countries

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